Your Three States of Being


Today we’re talking about the three states of being and how they impact your success in our success series.

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Hopefully you spent some time yesterday just in quiet, and as we talked about, revisiting your dreams, maybe rekindling them, maybe thinking of something new. No matter if it’s big or small, I want you to know that the fact that your thinking about dreaming is a great start. Congratulations for those of you that did that. I hope that you were able to identify for yourself some dreams that you want to go forward on.

Today, we’re going to talk about the three areas of the three states of being that, we all, we all live in three states of being. They are our spiritual being. You are a spiritual being. You have an intellect. That’s not up for discussion. We all do. And we live in a physical body. Spiritual, intellect, and physical, those are the three states of being.

Of these three states of being, it’s our mind that is the greatest power ever. Our mind is the greatest power ever. Did you know that your body is the manifestation of your mind? Whatever is going on inside, it presents itself in your body. That’s kind of scary for me.

To be frank, learning that was exactly the reason why I decided I needed to get healthier, because even though I have medical issues, the realisation that … If I took a good honest look at myself, good honest look, I have to say there’s something going on inside of me that wasn’t quite right. That was a tough pill to swallow, I will tell you honestly. It was the reason that I wanted to make some changes, and so I started digging deep into the mindset part of it and realised that we think in pictures.

Create Your Vision


What I want to encourage you to do is, I want you to think about … You’ve heard about vision boards. Our mind simply thinks in pictures and this is why vision boards work. Whatever dream that you have, whatever goal that you want to accomplish, and I honestly … Guys, listen. It does not matter how many you want to accomplish, or how many different areas that you want to look at.

If you create a vision, whether it’s on a board or whether it’s in your head, wherever you create that vision, if you hold that vision, then part of that will affect your mind. Your mind will then feed all of your actions, or change your actions, and then it will change all your results. It’s very remarkable. Very remarkable.

Thinking about pictures, it’s kind of crazy but it’s the only way to make solid change, is you’ve got to think in pictures, or our mind thinks in pictures, and you’ve got to create something that you can hold on to.

three states of being

I want you take some time today and understand that if our mind is our greatest power, how do we use this to help move forward into our dreams? Because it’s very critical. It’s the difference between having success and not, because if you don’t have a vision of exactly what you’re going to do, it’s easy to get lost in the clutter, in the fog.

I want to encourage you to create a vision board, or at least create a vision for yourself of exactly where you want to be. Okay? Standing on stage accepting awards. Getting a certain rank in your company. Having certain success in your sales. Having a certain body.

Being cleared at the doctor, whatever it is. Okay? Whatever it is, start to create a vision for yourself, because it is our mind, of these three states of being, it is our mind that affects everything else.

I want to help you gain a greater appreciation for the importance of this particular topic, because it will set you up completely for major success so I hope you have enjoyed learning more about your three states of being.

Please watch my following video to learn more about your three states of being.