Congratulations! You are building a team in your home business. Now What?

At some point in your business, you will realize that not everyone who has joined your team, is just like you. Usually, we all have our very own reasons to join a business. But, how do you build your team? If you want to grow so that you all can benefit from your business, I certainly hope these tips will help you.

These types of tips are what helped me build teams into the 1000’s and become the number 1 recruiter in my previous company.

If you’ve even been frustrated with the lack of growth in your team, this one’s is for you.

The Top 3 Tips for Team Building in Network Marketing and Direct Sales.

What to do first. Listen in as I share the Best thing you will ever learn about your Team.

Let’s recap first.

Find out what they want.

This is truly the ONLY way you can really help them. If they joined your company because they wanted to earn a trip for their family to Europe (like I did this past year in my company), show them how to win the trips. If they want to walk the stage because they rank advanced, show them and focus on, their rank advancements. There is no point whatsoever, in showing those the rank advancements if all they want to do is win a trip. Unless, of course, your company’s trip qualification require that. But the bottom line is that in order to help them the best-and-get them off to a good start is to find out what they want from joining you. A few things to remember:

  • Use whatever is at your disposal to get to know them, in this relationship. A team relationship is very different from a family relationship so if your aunt has joined you, you must get to know her business side. Even if you already know she is the greatest auntie Ever! Business is different. Ask her the same questions you ask all of your new team members.
  • What is their Trigger? Recognition? Rank advancement? Trip Qualifying? Money-and is it full time or part time income they want to earn? ASK them?
  • Build a community around your team. Help them feel like they are a part of something wonderful and that they, and their particular talents, can contribute in a way that is good for all.

This should be included as part of your get acquainted call or meeting, which happens right after they join. Set up a time to chat just as soon as they complete their application. I like to use a new teammate checklist and include the questions so that they can think about things before we meet.

Here are some additional tips I think you will find helpful.

  • A great question to ask is this? Are you coachable? Their answer to this will tell you right away what tool to share with them next. I have a funny story. Once, in my closed Facebook group for my team, I pinned a post of what to do when you first start. At the very bottom of that post I said “contact me for your getting started interview after you complete these Steps.” I was amazed at how many people DID NOT read it to the very end. What I learned from that is that not only is it a bad place to put it, but, some people NEED specific direction as to what to do and others can just jump right in. If you ask this question, to start, you can avoid this particular frustration.
  • Inspire them into action. you cannot and will not be able to motivate your team. You simply cannot. You must inspire them by being a leader who is following the system, doing what you are asking them to do and that is how they will be motivated. When they are inspired by your actions.
  • Team training tools. Have them readily available so that anyone, anywhere has access to them. By doing this, you are teaching them a few great things. One, you don’t have all the answers and two, you know where to point them. This is a remarkable gift you are giving them (and you have as well. Imagine if every phone call turned into a 30 minute call instead of sharing the training tool with them).
  • Give the limelight to those on your team who have earned it. If someone else is really GREAT at closing, invite them to share in the team calls. It is amazing what this does for them, and for the rest of the team as they strive to be invited to host the weekly team call.
  • Make personal development a top priority in YOU. When you invest in yourself, you are more able to help your team. Look for those that have what you want and hire them to help you get the same thing. Hiring a personal coach or mentor is the fastest way to get you where you want to go, so that you can help your team get there too.

Let’s Chat!

I hope this helped you. What tip did you like best? Feel free to comment below and share this with others, I really appreciate it!

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