Prosperity, Do You Feel You Deserve it?

Listen,  I want to talk to you a little bit about prosperity.

I want to talk to you about prosperity because I had the distinct honor of being introduced to this game. It’s called the prosperity game. Apparently it’s an Abraham Hicks game and I did not know the origin of that, but I do know of Abraham Hicks and I love what he teaches. But I just wanted to share with you a little bit about my opinion about prosperity, and maybe it’ll touch you in the way that it touched me.

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Ray Higdon Taught Me More About Prosperity

I actually first heard this idea about prosperity and why some people don’t enjoy prosperity like others do. I learned a lot from Ray Higdon who is one of my first mentors when I got into business and he talks about prosperity.

Sometimes when you want a wealthy mindset, you can feel like you have self sabotaging feelings. If you don’t feel good about money, it’s probably because of your past and Ray talked about that and I agree. In a further study, I absolutely realized that not only is that true, but it’s been studied time and time again. If you have a block about money or if your not able to earn the kind of money that you really probably should be earning, more than likely there’s a mental block inside of you and you know it’s coming from your subconscious.

Ray liked to use the examples of like the movie Titanic. How were rich people portrayed in that movie and I like to use the example of the parents. For example, how many times did you hear when you were growing up, “I don’t have the money,” or “No, you can’t have that because we don’t have the money.” If you heard that growing up, that contributed to money blocks in your present, or in your adult life.

It started when you were younger and then it built and built because every single time you heard those words I don’t have the money, or we can’t afford that, we can’t afford that. That actually built up inside of your subconscious. The notion that money was scarce. A scarcity mentality.

When that happens and it keeps going and then other things like the movies, the TV shows talking about how always representing rich people as bad people. Ray’s example for the Titanic was a very good example in how the guy was so mean to his girl and ended up trying to shoot her with a gun. I can’t remember the character’s name, but yet Leonardo DiCaprio took his girl and had fun in the basement and was dancing and you know there’s so many good things going on with the poor people. So it reinforced the idea or the notion that hmm, there must be something wrong with people who have money.

How many times have you heard that rich people are nasty. Well I personally think that money doesn’t make a person. Money may accelerate a person’s already formed habits or personalities or whatever. If you’re a nasty rich guy, you were probably a nasty poor guy. If you were stingy rich girl, you were probably a stingy poor girl. You know what I mean?

prosperityAll of that builds up into the prosperity mindset of is it okay to have money. If you have those things happen in the past, and you hear it in conversations with friends too. I pick up on it big time now a days and I have to remove myself from those conversations because it’s just not good to be around that. It’s just very, very hard to be around people who have that scarcity mentality. It’s a very hard thing to do because it keeps you there. It keeps you in that vibration and that’s not good.

The Prosperity Game

Listen, I’m going to share with you this game, that even if you don’t believe it, it’s really fun and if you have an extra check book around, I mean it’s fun. It’s a really fun game, and even again if you don’t really believe the entries that you’re making, it’s kind of amazing what happens in time as you start to understand that having money there’s nothing wrong with it. There just isn’t and honestly the more money you have, the more likely you can help others and teach them how to not be poor or not be have scrambling for dinners and stuff like that.

All right so let me teach you how to play this prosperity game okay. Take out a pen and paper but just a regular register. That’s what I like to use. The whole idea is to get used to the idea of money is okay. Money does come to you and it’s okay, and what you can do with it and hopefully in time what happens is you become to accept the notion that it is okay to have money, because it is. So let’s play the prosperity game.

So you take a deposit record, or you take a book and then you just you make a $10,000 deposit every time you make a deposit. Now should you play it for 30 days, 30 days straight? Sure. Play it as often as you can. I actually started this in August 8th and I forgot about and this and that, but I want to tell you some results that I’ve had since this date about the mindset with this.

You make a $10,000 deposit and then you need to spend that $10,000 everyday. All right, but every day that you make a new deposit, you’re actually adding 10,000 more. Day one you’re going to deposit $10,000 and then you’re going to spend that $10,000 however you want. Okay?

Then the next time you make an entry you’re going to deposit $20,000, $20,000 and then you’re going to spend that $20,000. The next day you’re going to deposit $30,000 and then you’re going to spend $30,000. Get the drift?

The thing that I noticed was that the first thing I did was I focused attention on any debt that I have, like a student loan and then I put away, yeah, a student loan, a credit card and then saving towards my daughter’s car because she’s going to be 16 soon. She’s going to need a car. Then I started saving for vacation and building a sun room around the house and then I made another deposit. I put the savings for a trip, but what happened over time I noticed is that somewhere along the way I said wait a minute it took me four entries before I realized that I should deposit into the retirement account, or into the future, not immediate future like Katie’s car, but the future. So I was like, “Oh, okay. Let me make a deposit and pay myself.”




Build Prosperity by Putting Away 10% of Your Income


I just got done listening to the Richest Man in Babylon and the number one thing that he says and I think a lot of people say is ,pay yourself first. The Richest Man in Babylon book recommends taking 10% of what you’re making, whatever it is you’re making, and put it away for the future. That would be an IRA, an insurance policy, something like that. 10%, no matter what you’re making and you’re never going to miss that 10%. The sooner you start with that, the better. Here I go and I’m depositing and I’m building all these accounts for all the children and all this stuff and then I was like I got to like, I want to say, it’s embarrassing, but I got to 130,000 and I said, “Oh my gosh. I didn’t put any away for charity and good works. Oh my gosh. Shame on me.”

There’s a book out there and I’m trying to remember which book it is or which recommendation it was, but talking about giving 10% to yourself, or your future, but then also giving 10% to charity right away and they had a certain percentage. I don’t remember if it’s Dave Ramsey or where I saw that. I only have one of Dave Ramsey’s books. I’ll have to pull that out and see if it’s in there, but I realized that I needed to do this now. Now look, why am I playing with this? A piece of paper, well what I’m learning or what I’m realizing is that as the more I get into this, the more I put these practices into my own life and my thought pattern is starting to shift on how I’m treating this money, which I think is pretty valuable.

I want to tell you this last little thing. The person that actually recommended this game to me, when she made her million dollar entry, because you just keep going. You just keep adding that 10,000. When she made her million dollar deposit was right around the time that she earned a million dollars in her business. How cool is that? I think that’s very cool, but I didn’t do it because I wanted to be a millionaire. I did it because I realized that something must of happened along her way and that’s what I find pretty exciting. I encourage you.

Let me know if you’re playing prosperity game and that the girl that commented that she has a group about the prosperity game, yeah add me I said because I think that’s a very, very positive thing to do and I think it’s great sort of vibration to be in. To understand that there’s nothing wrong with money. There’s isn’t. The more you make, the more you help.

There you go! And if you know anyone that needs to have more prosperity in their life or would love this game, simply share this post.

You are awesome. You are amazing. You are beautiful. I know that, and I want you to know that about you too!

To YOUR Success,




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