Should You Stop Promoting Your Business During The Holidays?


It’s the Holiday Season! Take a look at my advice during this busy, crazy, time of year for Network Marketers by watching the following video:


Are You Going To Start Promoting Your Business During The Holidays?


I hope you got value from that. I am of the firm belief that the time between Christmas and New Year’s especially, is very quiet for most people. This is an excellent time for you to start promoting your business during the holidays and make connections, rekindle relationships that may have dropped off to to busy schedules and basically just remind people that you are HERE. You would be amazed at the number of people who forget to simply touch base yet will spam their link to me in a private Facebook message. Has that ever happened to you?

Speaking of that, I’d like to encourage you to use this time to simply say “Hello, it’s been a while. I just wanted to say Hi, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, G’Day”, anything that you MEAN and make sure that it comes from the heart. Do this either in a text or a Facebook chat and do it with as many people as you can. Building relationships is key in our business and this is an excellent way to do it, without pitching.

This is something I try to do very frequently but the Holidays give me an excuse to do it with more people. Have I said before that we are in the relationship business? Relationships first, business second (or never in some cases, but that’s ok)

I’d like to suggest that your teach your teams to do the same (even if you do not have one yet, keep this in mind). Especially to do it frequently on social media. The culture you will be creating will help you team grow, and grow well. Helping them understand the value of relationship building, and using the Holidays as a springboard, will help them.

Speaking of you team, if you got anything of benefit, do feel free to share. I’d appreciate it very much and start promoting your business during the holidays!

Off to “Wrap” up Christmas! Oh and for more prospecting tips CLICK HERE.


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