Creating Solid Relationships on Social Media

Creating Solid Relationships on Social Media <<<---Share over here. Thank you. Today's Marketing Tip is about creating solid relationships on social media. If you want to build business out of your home, you must get good at this. Why? Consider yourself. Have...

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Marketing Tip: Facebook and The 80/20 Rule

Marketing Tip: Facebook Posts..No Spamming, Please and Thank You. Why are you on Facebook? For most of us, we started out because we wanted to connect with our friends and family. Personally, we opened our account because we were living in Japan and we wanted to...

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Meditation- Not Just for Morning MoJo

Meditation: A Proven Method Not Just to Start your Day (Morning MoJo)! If you need to calm down and focus, or if you feel overwhelmed with daily stresses or suffer from information overload, no matter what time of the day, AND if you have grabbed your FREE copy of the...

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Broken Dishes Lead to Break Through Thinking!

So today, I broke one of my unbreakable bowls. It splattered all across the floor like no one’s business! I have to admit here that I rarely sweep my floors. You may or may not know that there are nine of us living here right now. Yes, I said Nine! And, six of them...

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Increase your Business Mojo with Affirmations

Happy Day to you my fellow business owners! There was no school yesterday for the (currently) 5 children that live with us. One of the HUGE benefits about having a home based business is that there was no concern about finding childcare and my wish for you is that if...

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Dianna Good Sky-Hertig

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