How do You Prospect to Bring in New Customers and Clients?

When most people decide that they want to have a small business, they may not realize, at first at least, that it involves prospecting.

So what is Prospecting and how do you prospect? Entrepreneur Magazine defines it this way.

Definition: The search for potential customers or buyers . 

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How you choose to prospect is completely up to each one of us. You must decide which is in your best interest, but you may want to consider this and then once your decision is made, take that path and see where it leads you. To gain prospects, you may choose using online marketing or offline marketing in order to get more prospects.




How Do You Prospect Without Hassling Friends and Family?

Face it, at some point you will run out of friends and family to talk to about your business. Honestly, some people choose NEVER to talk to their friends and family. The internet has made it possible for anyone who wants to build their business never talking to their friends and family. That is powerful and this is where the power of marketing comes into play.

I want to clarify here. Prospecting is different than marketing. However, you can use marketing (especially online) TO prospect…

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me because I specialise in teaching how to prospect online and attracting new customers directly to YOU!

To YOUR success!


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