Did you know that there are already over 566 million photos shared in Messenger..Every..Single…Day?

If you have not used them yet as a business owner, I’d like to suggest that you do take a peek into this new addition to what I have always called one of Facebook’s most misused, yet underutilized tools – Messenger.

It is my opinion that Facebook recognizes the value in storytelling. After a pretty successful launch with Instagram stories, plus wanting to grab their market share from Snapchat, they have launched 24 hour stories inside Messenger.

Check it out:

Here’s my best tips for how to get started:

  • share personal tidbits
  • use a video
  • use a photo
  • decorate with over 500 frames
  • add your own text
  • add frames
  • get real and personal
  • annotate photos and then share to your story
  • post your product or sales with less frequency than other parts of social media

I hope you enjoyed the video and I want to encourage you to play with the platform.