My Confidence Tips To Help Boost Your Confidence

Confidence! Did you know that confidence is like a muscle? Well it’s actually pretty easy to strengthen this muscle by starting to implement the confidence tips I’m going to give you today.

I think confidence is a great topic to discuss for everyone because without building confidence in many aspects of our lives, we can be held back from things we are wanting to achieve.

So, why or how can we build this oh so important part of our personality, of our character, of who we are? People with self confidence have the ability to be at ease in most situations, because they are comfortable in their skin. That is probably the easiest way to explain what it’s like to see somebody with self confidence. You can see that they’re comfortable in their skin and comfortable with what they’re doing, but a lot of people are wishing that they had more self confidence and so I’m gonna talk about some of the things that I have learned.

I have confidence now but I didn’t always used to have confidence. I remember being in the Military I was super shy and quiet up until I was an E5, which was, you know … Actually, no I was an E6, so I was quite a few years in. Maybe six or seven years in the Military when I finally realized that the only way that I was gonna get recognize for what I was doing and get promoted etc, besides studying for the test, taking, passing a test and all that kinda stuff, which I was doing, but the best way that I could get my word, my name known and people know me and I could get selected for sale of the quarter, obviously that’s an old mood, but I needed the confidence to speak up, because I was so shy and quiet.

I mean, I know that a lot of people find that surprising, but I was super shy and super quiet and I realized one day, I just kind of had a wake up call, that the only way that I was really going to be heard and that I can really contribute to the command’s efficiency and everybody, was I had to speak up and so I had to do a lot of confidence building and started searching for my own confidence tips.

I didn’t realize what it was then, but I just knew that I had to do something to be able to speak up and you know be able to present that I knew needed to be presented. Do work that needed to be done and here’s the bottom line with any situation. When you exude self confidence when people know that you’re confident about what you’re saying, that allows them to believe in you too and that allows them to hear you better.

It’s just human nature. Just the way that it is. So hey listen up, I would really love it if you took the time to watch my following video where I will lay out some actionable confidence tips that you can start working on today!


Confidence Tips You Can Start Applying Today!

Ok, so read on for some of my top confidence tips.

I’ll give you some tips for how to build confidence and if you know anybody that might need to have the information and might want build confidence tips, feel free to share this post on social media or even email to a friend. The confidence tips that I’m gonna share with you in this post are just one way of confidence building.

There are several actually, but I’m just gonna share this one way that I like to use and something that I realized had I used these tools back when I myself lacked self confidence. Hey, it’s not an overnight thing but at least it may have got me there sooner. It’s something that you can do that you can use to build on. So here we go:

Confidence Tips


  1. Acknowledge and recognize what you’ve already done. Take a piece of paper and start to write out some of the things you’ve already accomplished. Spend some time here, write out as many as you can. As many accomplishments and I’m telling you they can be anything from eating broccoli when you didn’t feel like eating broccoli, because you were a guest at a dinner party to … Which, that’s an accomplishment if you don’t like broccoli, to giving birth, to flying to be with your sister after a surgery. Anything that you know just kind of, where you kinda know, “Yeah I did that. I did that.”
  2. Write down your strengths. The things that you know that you’re strong on. You know you have a great education. You toughed it out and went to school, you dropped out of high school and then you went back to school and graduated. You don’t change your baby’s diapers five times in a row. I mean any … You know how to do that. Or you have twins and you know how to juggle two babies at once. Anything that you find is a strength in you.


You have two different pieces of papers here. Okay, you’ve got your accomplishments, anything that you know that you accomplished. Number two, you’ve got strengths. The strengths that you know you have and you just list them and just do a complete brain dump on all of these things.

Find out your true character strengths by using this fantastic Strengths Tool by VIA Character.Org HERE

How To Use Your Confidence Tips


This is how you’re gonna use them. You’re going to review these reminders to you of what you’ve already done and the things that you find that are strengths in you and if you want ask somebody that’s close to you and say, “What do you think are my strengths?” I find that incredibly empowering, when we find out from somebody else that they find us inspirational or that they find us courageous. Some things that maybe we didn’t think about for ourselves.

Add things, add to that and keep them handy. Keep these sheets handy for yourself and review them every day, every time that you need it, review them frequently. What will start to happen is you’ll start in your brain to realize that all the good. You’ll start to remember more routinely all the good that you’ve already done and everything that you’ve already accomplished and then guess what?

You can add to it!

confidence tipsEvery single time that you think of something that is a strength, that you maybe didn’t … Just add to that and all of these pieces and parts that you have throughout the day, that you’re looking at it or you just kinda keep it on a piece of paper and you read it or say you’re taking a break. You just take a break and you read it, it’s amazing what this positive influx of good will do for your brain and how it will impact your self confidence.

Now, those are two great big things and I know I covered them briefly in these confidence tips, but just try it. You will be amazed at what happens when you sit down and recognize your own strengths and your own accomplishments and then you use them as reminders for you. Those are two big things. Another thing that builds self confidence is the ability to accomplish goals. If you have a certain goal, start small as far as keeping track of it and it could be that you’re going to not eat the coconut cream pie that’s in the refrigerator!

In other words, write down a goal, a small one, that is like within your reach or something that you can do tomorrow or within this next week and what will happen is that when you write down a goal and you accomplish it and then you write down another one? Every time you accomplish that, it automatically boosts your self confidence.

All these things, these are my top confidence tips to start and then you keep on routine with these. You keep them in foreword focus for you. Keep them right here for you. Get a book maybe. Get a book. You keep that all written down and just review it and watch yourself bloom. Just watch. I’m so excited to watch you do that for you. Anytime you need a boost you can review it.

Listen, I’m going to be launching a confidence course very soon called Bold Confidence Club. To get on the waiting list email me at and I’ll let you know when we are planning to launch. We have already done a beta test and had fantastic feedback. I’m very excited about it and proud of the project and it was so amazing to see people in the group transforms.

We will also have a private Facebook Group for all course members and I’ll be in there interacting and helping you every step of your confidence journey.

Thank you very much for listening to me today and again, remember confidence is like a muscle and you can build it and you just gotta work on it daily. Every day.

Take a look at your sheets. Look at your accomplishments. Look at your strengths. Remind yourself how amazing you are, because that’s how you start right now. That’s just an easy way to start that you can do yourself and I hope you enjoyed these confidence tips!



You are awesome. You are amazing. You are beautiful. I know that, and I want you to know that about you too!

To YOUR Success,




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