Facebook Messenger Stories Are Here!

Did you know that there are already over 566 million photos shared in Messenger..Every..Single…Day?

If you have not used them yet as a business owner, I’d like to suggest that you do take a peek into this new addition to what I have always called one of Facebook’s most misused, yet underutilized tools – Messenger.

It is my opinion that Facebook recognizes the value in storytelling. After a pretty successful launch with Instagram stories, plus wanting to grab their market share from Snapchat, they have launched 24 hour stories inside Messenger.

Check it out:

Here’s my best tips for how to get started:

  • share personal tidbits
  • use a video
  • use a photo
  • decorate with over 500 frames
  • add your own text
  • add frames
  • get real and personal
  • annotate photos and then share to your story
  • post your product or sales with less frequency than other parts of social media

I hope you enjoyed the video and I want to encourage you to play with the platform.

Facebook Live can now broadcast in Landscape! Yay!



I am excited to share with you all that as of a few days ago, Facebook now allows its users to broadcast their live feed in landscape mode. This is a screenshot of my test done in my private Facebook group for those wanting to learn Facebook marketing (crazy video screen saves are my specialty and even though I know how to change them, I don’t mind most of the time).

So hey- If you are used to doing it in portrait mode at least Facebook has upgraded how it looks. No more side bars in black. I like how they muted your screen on the sides. I think this is much better.


But WHY am I so excited about this? Not only because it looks better but because  when you record your videos in landscape mode, it allows you to repurpose them on other platforms (upload from your phone to your youtube channel for instance, or save them for your own course later on, or your blog!

A few tips:

*   Your broadcast will be in whatever direction you start it in so don’t try to move your phone in another direction (portrait vs landscape and vice versa) after you start your broadcast.
*   Check your phone orientation lock prior to going live to be sure you are in the direction you want to be (I unlock my orientation before a broadcast and then turn it back on afterward otherwise my phone drives me crazy with the screen switching back and forth)
*  If you forget to do this, remember you do not have to leave your broadcast on your wall. You can choose NOT to post the video after you complete it.

Another new feature is the “trim” function which allows you to do immediate editing of your live broadcast prior to saving and posting. This will be very useful if you, say, got into a conversation at the end of your broadcast that is not relevant to your topic or a dog barks too much until you got her sorted at the beginning.

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One Simple (Secret) Tip On How To Grow Your Business AND Build Relationships On Social Media

Here is a Simple and Secret Tip On How To Grow Your Business AND Build Relationships On Social Media

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Have you ever noticed that people like to share nice pictures? Have you ever done it yourself? I certainly have shared nice photos and especially ones with good quotes attached. Listen in to this tip today that has helped me not only solidify friendships but also helps grow your business by growing your reach on social media.

I can tell you that my friends really appreciate it when I share their photos, and here is the secret: When you share the new quoted photo, and then “tag” your friend, not only do your friends see the post, but their friends see the post too. The interaction has the potential to take off because usually their friends like seeing the photo with the “words” over it. This interaction is what Facebook calls “organic reach” and it is cheaper than doing an ad (although still necessary in my opinion) because whenever their friends comment, all of those friends now see that post. But, they will share only what they like. And, they will do so especially if you have done a good job of matching the words to the picture. For example, if you have a picture of a running path, make the quote about choosing the right path. Or, a great shot of a beach, put something on there about your lifestyle or your vision. How do you know which to ask to use? You will know. You will see a beautiful picture, then by a friend and then you will know.

Before you borrow, you may want to start with whatever program you’re going to use. I like Picmonkey, but there is also a great one called Canva. Take a look at them both and use whichever you are comfortable with but most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT!

Questions? Let me know. I’d love to help.

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How To be Friendly and Stop Annoying People on Social Media

How To be Friendly and Stop Annoying People on Social Media

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Let me guess. YOU started your social media account to be, well, SOCIAL. Then, likely, you noticed an increasing amount of people using it for business. Some were ONLY using it for business and they posted over and over their websites for you to buy whatever it was they were selling? Sound familiar? How did you feel about that? What did you think of HOW they did that? I know, for me, I thought it was in bad taste.

And then.. I joined my business! And I wanted to plaster my information everywhere, I was just so excited! But then I remembered what I thought about my friends who did that, so I refrained and decided that since I was in this business to do business, I needed to invest in my training.  I searched and found a great fit. I like to share what I’ve learned so that YOU can struggle less and DO more. If you are struggling with balancing your Social Media use between your personal use and your business, you might find today’s tip helpful.

Did you find that helpful? I truly hope that you did, and you can share these tips with your teams. If you have any specific questions or situations that I can help you with, either leave  it in the comments or reach out to me.

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Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing Strategy-Start With This Tip!

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ok.. so.. This is all part of course correction yes? I mean, we should be fine tuning our efforts all of the time. Today, you will see a marked difference in my videos because I used the right tool for the task! It’s crazy but true, the right tool WILL help you do a better job.

It doesn’t matter what your profession is, what your chosen platform is…make sure you have the right tools. For Internet Marketing, Video is King! For Video making, stabilization and clarity is absolutely necessary. Think about this for a minute. Even if your message could help thousands, if it is not a good quality, people will simply stop it and move on. Because we live in an immediate gratification world and being able to learn from our phones, listening to clear audios or looking at pretty videos are something so many people like to do. In order to make sure your message is heard and seen, Use The Right Tools!

Check it out.

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