[VIDEO] How writing affects your results?

How writing affects your results and obtain goals


How writing affects your results? Have you ever noticed that if you have a goal that you want to achieve or if you just want to take care of business, any business, whether it’s making sure you go to the grocery store or writing your homework, doing your homework assignment, anything like that, writing things down actually causes you to remember.

The thing about it is, it actually makes you think, and that’s the key to changing your results.

So here’s how this works….




The Power of Writing


how writing affects your resultsWhen you write something down, whether it’s a goal or something that you want to accomplish, or a to do list, here’s how the mechanism that’s actually working. Your writing causes you to think. Your thinking then creates an image in your head about why or how you can get it done, or exactly what you want.

Let me backtrack. This is especially powerful when you’re doing things like affirmations, okay?

So let’s go deep into the affirmations, not just goal setting, not just to do list, let’s go deep into affirmations and how this can work for you.

So your writing down your affirmation creates or causes you to think about it, okay? This thinking then creates an image. When you can create an image in your head about exactly it is that you’re working towards, whatever it is that you’re working towards, working on, when you create that image in your head, what happens then is those images create feelings.

You start to get excited about it, or you start to feel settled in the fact that, “Oh gosh, I am really going to become a nurse, I am really going to help people!” Whatever those feelings are, created from that image. But the image can then, you know, they control your feelings.

From there, your feelings about it start to cause actions, and those actions that are generated, create new results. So I’m going to run through this very quickly, but give you an example. You know, I’ve been working with the kids on helping them with their mindset and helping them see the power of their mind, which is, oh my gosh, what a beautiful gift to give these children, right?

The power of their mind and how they can change a result.

So one of the kids has a pretty lofty goal of wanting to get something that costs a lot of money. So what we did was, we did the goal setting. We all wrote down our list of wants. Then out of that list they chose a goal. This particular goal requires a lot of money. So the writing down of this goal caused him to think about what it would be like to have this thing.

His goal is, he wants to buy his own computer. So he started imagining what it would be like to have his own computer. That image in his head creates feelings of excitement and looking forward to it, and then it’s starting to create actions. Last night we came up with a game plan for how to make some money, how they can earn some money, in order to buy the computer.

So we’re going to take those actions, and then that result is that they’re going to be able to earn enough money to buy a computer. I really believe that. It’s pretty fantastic.


how writing can affect your results


The Power of Affirmations


So that’s how that works. The power of your affirmations, the power of writing it down, writing creates new results, it starts a chain reaction. When you take these steps, you write it down, it causes your thinking, your thinking creates an image, your image controls your feelings about what it is that you want, and then your feelings cause you to take the actions, and it’s your actions that create a new result. Isn’t that fabulous?

Oh my gosh, so fabulous!

Thanks so much for reading this post. If you know anyone who wants to create different results in their life, share this post and video.

I can definitely teach you how to do things differently, how to change your mindset, and basically how to accomplish anything you want in your life.

If you do what I tell you to do, I can help you do that. How awesome is that?

You are awesome. You are amazing. You are beautiful. I know that, and I want you to know that about you too!

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[VIDEO] Are You Playing Big? – In Business and in Life!

Are you playing big or small in life?

Hello. How are you? Are you playing big? Do you even know what means?

I mean, I think playing big means different things for different people. In the following video we’re gonna talk about whether you’re playing big, or should you play big? What does it even mean for people?

I want to talk to you about playing big, should you have to, do you need to, and what does it even mean? I have found that through the years, people say, “Oh, they’re playing big, or they’ve got to play big, or you’ve got to play big,” and I think that a lot of people’s definition of playing big is making a lot of money. I think that that is extremely off-base, and let me tell you why…

Please take a moment to watch the following video so I can explain.



Playing Big is different to everyone

Playing big should be about really doing everything that you know you should be doing in order to get where you want to go. The end result could be anything from climbing Mount Everest, to kayaking across the Atlantic ocean, to getting up every single day and taking care of your sick mother. Playing big is different for everyone. When I don’t want you feel bad if your definition of playing big is different than other people because you’re who you are and what you do is what’s important. It doesn’t matter about money, it doesn’t matter about doing something that no one else has done. It just doesn’t matter.

I just would like to take this time and encourage you to completely be doing whatever “big” thing that you want to do. Whatever that means for you.

My definition of playing big, or when I feel like I’m playing big, and honestly it took me a long time to get here. I used to think that playing big was about the money for awhile, for a long time, and then I grew up, and then I grew older, and soon I realized that playing big for me was about absolutely realizing what my purpose was here on earth. That’s a big deal, right?

playing bigFor a lot of us, how many times have you said, “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up?” How many times have you said that? Every time you say that to yourself, “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up,” you cause a little bit of, “What do I want to be?” This is for me, anyway. How come I don’t know? I’m 55 years old. How do I not know what I want to be when I grow up? Oh my gosh, that was kind of a hard pill to swallow.

When I finally realized it, and it came after lots of study, lots of reflection, lots of kind of just trying to figure things out. It came to me one morning, and it was a huge epiphany, and it feels kind of silly for spending so much time worrying about it, but here’s what I think most of us are put on this earth to do. I think most of us are put on this earth to help others with whatever gifts that we have, I believe it’s our job, our purpose, our whole purpose, is to help other people.

If you’re playing big, and you’re helping people, the other way that you can help people is by showing children in kindergarten, teaching kindergartens how to tie their shoes, guess what? You’re playing big. For others, their gift may be that they teach foreign languages, or languages to people. It could be anything. Do you see my point though?

Your playing big has all and everything to do with what you were put on this earth to do. Your purpose. To help others.

However that definition fits you, that’s when you’re playing big, when you’re stepping into your purpose, when you’re stepping into what you should be doing on this earth.

Thank you very much to all you kindergarten teachers, to all you nurses, teachers, firefighters, military, all of you who are helping others in any way you can, because that’s what your purpose is and Congratulations for that!

If you want to share this post on playing big, feel free.

You are awesome. You are amazing. You are beautiful. I know that, and I want you to know that about you too!

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[VIDEO] Achieving Goals with New Habits

Are You Achieving Goals you have set for yourself?

Are you achieving goals you have actually set out to do? An why do you think many people don’t?

I mean, how many New Years Eve resolutions do you think actually were achieved earlier this year? I would venture to say less than probably ten percent. I don’t know if there’s an actual figure out there somewhere, but that’s what I would think, it’s not very many people. But why is that?

Why would somebody set a goal to achieve then not accomplish it?

Well, I’d like to share that, in my opinion, one of the reasons is that when we set goals we do not always identify the actions necessary in order to change our behavior to help us to achieving your goals, because sometimes when we set a new goal it’s not followed up with, nor is the foundation laid in order for somebody to say, “Okay, what new habits do I need to develop? And what can I do to make sure that I get this done? A lot of times it’s like, “I’m going to lose 30 pounds.” How are you going to lose 30 pounds? What new habits are you going to develop to lose the 30 pounds? How?

The how must accompany the goal. It just has to.




Achieving Goals with New Habits

So, I think that if you do any sort of research on it, or if you’ve heard any conversation about it, most often these big lofty goals, the only time that they are achieved is if you change certain behaviors and create new habits that will cause you to think differently, therefore act differently and create that different result. So, the ability to achieving goals is that … Anybody can accomplish anything.

Please do not get me wrong. Anyone can accomplish anything that they set out to do, but what I’m saying is that the reason the majority of people do not achieve their goals, especially the big life changing goals, is because they have not identified the behaviors that they need to have change. And if they have, sometimes they do, somethings they do, don’t get me wrong, the other thing is that even if they identified the behaviors, sometimes the reason they don’t is they get afraid.

They reach a certain point in their journey to their goal where they say, “Hmm … I don’t know if I can do this.” Or they just automatically shift back into their normalality. It’s a lot easier to stay in bed instead of getting up that 30 minutes earlier to go the gym, as an example. It’s a lot easier to go back to what we know. What do we call that? The comfort zone. So, a lot of times the people, “the people,” I’m talking like it’s a different species or something, but a lot of times people who set goals aren’t giving themselves enough latitude in so far as what they want to accomplish, and they’re not giving themselves enough of the tools.

I’m a firm believer that you’ve got to have the right tools for the task. So, I want to encourage you, if you are in the process, or if you are a goal setter, or if you want to start achieving goals, do the work necessary to establish your foundation on what exactly will help you accomplish these goals, and how do you get into forming new habits.

Let me give you an example. One of my goals this year was to drink water, and I decided that the only way that I could increase that, because I don’t like water, I don’t like plain water, so I chose to add a good nutritional supplement to my water that tasted good. Now, what did that do? That set me up for success right away, because I removed the barrier of not liking plain water by adding something that was good tasting and good for me. So that right there, I changed what I had been doing before, which allowed me to have a better likelihood of success in my new goal of drinking my water weight, half my water weight in ounces everyday.

Then, I needed a tracker. I needed something to kind of figure out, am I getting the amount of water that I say I’m going to get, or that I need? Am I getting that? So I initially figured out, I just looked at my water bottle and I was like, “I need to drink five of these a day.” So in my head I had to, initially I actually didn’t do it in my head, but initially I kept track of it by putting a counter on my island. Now, that island sat there, and I know I needed five, so I simply put a check mark every day until the habit was developed and I was able to recognize that I am getting five of my water bottles every day, and that means I’m accomplishing my water goals.

achieving goalsNow, that habit was formed after 30 days or so, probably sooner ’cause I found that I really liked it. I found that I love the benefits of getting the hydration, so what happened after that is it became my new normal. I was able to accomplish a goal because I set the goal and I put the pieces in place that would allow me to accomplish that. I had to override my not liking plain water. I had to figure something out for that, I had to figure a tracking mechanism, and that allowed me, just like … I’m telling you, this is how you do anything. Any new goal, any goal that you want to have, any new habit that you want to create, give yourself the latitude, give yourself room, look at your own situation, what you like, what don’t you like, and then be able to say, “Okay, how exactly can I accomplish that? How can I do that?” So as I stated, in my case, I don’t like plain water, I had to add something good and nutritious to the water, I had to put a counter on my water so that I knew when I was getting it, and soon that developed into a habit, and that’s how we start achieving goals.

Any goal you want to accomplish can start just like that. Decide that you want to do it, figure out what you might need to help you along with it, and then take the daily action necessary to make that into a new habit, and those habits are what will set you up for succeeding in those goals.

Thank you so much for reading this post, and I just want to let you know that I have a new confidence course coming up which will be called The Bold Confidence Club. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about it. I just listened to it all again today, and it is less than 30 minutes of actual audio, and I am super-duper excited about it because, well, you know, there was a time when I needed that big time, actually, and it wasn’t that long ago.

But if you’re interested, if you want to know more about the bold confidence course, be sure to contact me so I can put you on the waiting list. We’re wrapping up the final PDFs, the assignments, to get you going on the right track, because this is what I know, everything that anyone ever sets out to do, one of the biggest things that holds people back is their lack of confidence.

They may not understand that right away, but if you’re not achieving the goals that you want to, or if you’re not doing everything that you wanted to do if your life, I want you to take a good honest assessment and say, “Do I have enough self confidence, and is my self esteem enough so that I can accomplish these goals, so I can set out and do these things?”

Share this post because there might be somebody you know that needs this confidence course or needs to learn how to start achieving goals too.

You are awesome. You are amazing. You are beautiful. I know that, and I want you to know that about you too!

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