[VIDEO] Letting Go Of Your Past

Letting Go Of Your Past To Build A New Future


For this blog topic I decided to talk about letting go of your past, and that what has happened in your past doesn’t really matter and doesn’t determine your future. So the real question is, how do you get past what’s happened in your past.

The reason that I decided to talk about this tonight is because lately I’ve been inundated it seems with a lot of emails and a lot of Facebook advertising about removing blocks. A lot of their advertising actually has resonated with me. I mean have you ever found yourself comparing yourself or your progress with other people?

For example, say in your business you see other people having success and you think, why not me? or even others losing weight. People who have lost weight then only to gain it back. It’s really fascinating to me how things like that can happen and how it really is a matter of what has happened in your past and letting go of your past.

I believe that it’s true what Bob Proctor says in his ‘Thinking into Results Program’ and a lot of his videos that I’ve watched he talks about how if a person is never able to let go or change or make a change in their behavior, it’s usually because they are still holding on to things that have happened in the past. The only way to move on from that is to identify what ‘that’ is and learn to let go of your past.

Watch my following video where I explain in more depth…




Letting Go Of Your Past By Releasing


A lot of these hangups come in the form of what we call paradigms, or what’s already been planted in in our minds. A lot of them too you might not even recognize what has happened and you may not even realize yourself why the yo yo dieting is happening to you or why in your relationships, that you keep attracting the same type of person to you.

Now let’s face it, there are jerks etc everywhere and they are usually not nice to you in the long haul. It’s a matter of identifying what exactly has happened in the past and sometimes it’s hard to identify but I want to share a message that I learned today, I heard it today and it really, really hit home.

Once you make the declaration about moving forward and then not looking back, those things have a way of releasing.

letting go of your pastYou can release that and then you can create your future and really let go of anything that might be holding you back. I think that that’s the biggest key, because once you relax about what exactly is it, once you relax that notion then you’re able to move forward and say, okay, well you know what? I don’t want to worry about that right now, what I want to do is I want to move forward and I just want to say, I need to move into my future and then I need to release that hold that the past has on me.

Learning to ‘release’ is really letting go of your past.

What will happen then is that as you move into the future, things will start to happen for you that you’ll be able to at some point say, “oh, I get it now”.

I see what was holding me back and I can then let it go and then move on forward, really move forward and things at that point will start happening really, really fast. I want to encourage you to not worry about anything that you feel might be holding you back or if you’re wondering what could it be, don’t worry about it.

Make the decision instead, to create your future and do not allow the past to hold you back. In time and in very short order you will notice things starting to fall into place for you and letting go of your past will come easy!

You can identify it, you can release it and then things will really start happening.

Remember… You are awesome. You are amazing. You are beautiful. I know that, and I want you to know that about you too!

To YOUR Success,


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[VIDEO] How To Work On Your Self Image

Self Image for Kids


I wanted to post today about self-image because I don’t know if you’ve been following along, but we’ve been doing kids mindset training and it’s actually day 30 on their mindset training and I’ve stated before their remarkable progress that we’ve been seeing just spending 30 minutes a day, sometimes longer like tonight because it was the end of the first 30 days.

We have just started a new topic and our new topic for this next 30 days is about self-image and I want to tell a story about a farmer that I just heard. It’s funny because you think, “What does a farmer have to do with self-image?” Well, I’m going to tell you what a farmer has to do with self-image.

Click play on the video to hear me tell the story…




I Can Help You Work On Your Self Image


If you haven’t visited my blog before, my name is Dianna Good Sky and I like to help entrepreneurs, well anyone actually, I like to help anyone get into their best life, get into the best mindset to create the life you love and to create your own #beautiFULLife. That’s what I like to do and we’ve been experimenting, I’ve been teaching the children how to do some of the same things that I’ve used for success and it’s just remarkable.

Tonight, the story of the farmer has to do with self image and self-image is how you see yourself?

Apparently, the story goes that a farmer was out doing his thing in his field. It was a pumpkin patch and the pumpkin patch, he found a jug in the middle of the pumpkin patch and that he decided just for whatever, grins and giggles I guess you could say. He decided for grins and giggles just to put the pumpkin, the small pumpkin that had started growing inside the jug.

He was very careful not to make sure or to make sure that he did not mess up the vine so it could still grow. Here it is. Time passed. I don’t know how long it takes to grow a pumpkin, but time passed and when he came across the jug, the pumpkin had literally grown inside that glass jug to the exact shape and form that the jug was so the pumpkin instead of being round and pretty and whatever, it was the shape of the jug.

self imageSelf image is like that. Our self-image is all about what do we see ourselves as and that is exactly what we become. Whatever we see ourselves as, whatever we think of ourselves as, that is exactly what we grow into and that is exactly what we become. If we have limited self image, if we have limiting beliefs about who we are or can be, that self image actually we grow into just that.

It’s really important to be very mindful about what your self image is so that you can … Because you have control over that. The difference between that glass jug and that pumpkin and our self-image is that we can change our self-image and we can adapt and adjust and overcome anything we want to create a new self image.

What we did with the kids is first we identified what we think about ourselves.

  • What characteristics?
  • What traits do we have?
  • What do we think of ourselves?

and then what we did, we did an exercise about how to … Who can we think of, that maybe has the traits that we want in ourselves or that we want to grow.

Who do we want to be and I talked to them … I talked about copying it. Copying a trait, a personally trait or character trait, if it’s what allows you to grow into the person that you want to be, that’s not saying you’re copying that person exactly.

That’s not saying like, “Oh, I want to be like Oprah Winfrey exactly.”

No, you probably just have a few points about Oprah that you might want to emulate, very different from just copying, but you do want to emulate those character traits. Being able to identify which character trait from who is important to you is the first step in starting to grow into your new self image.

If you spend some time, let’s pick a character trait of Oprah in that she’s impactful. Her work is impactful, is important or say let’s pick somebody less … Say you want to be a positive thinker. Say you want to make good decisions. Who do you know that makes good swift decisions? Then you can say to yourself, “Okay, I want John Doe’s decision making process or his etc … I want to make decisions like John Doe.”

You see?

Whatever those character traits are that you want, you can then help yourself become like that by revisiting daily, this is what we’re going to do for the next 30 days, revisiting daily the image that we’ve created, that we want … Look, it doesn’t have to be just one. The kids aren’t doing one, but if you’re going to do this and I want to encourage you to do it, identify traits of people that you admire and respect.

If there’s four different traits from four different people, alive or dead, it doesn’t matter, but that you know enough that is what you want to be like or you want to have those traits, then write those down and then take some time and then act as if you already have those traits. Act as if you already have those traits because that is what allows us to really get into the, “How do I become exactly who I want to become?”

I want to reiterate here. You’ve probably heard this saying before, but you cannot accomplish anything on mere hopes and wishes and dreams. You have to really believe that you can. The first step to believing that you can do anything or that you can become the person that you want to become or do the things you want to, comes with the knowledge and the decision that that’s what you’re going to do.

Follow it up with creating new habits that allow you to then move forward in creating the habits and moving forward into exactly what you were wanting to accomplish or exactly who you wanted to be like so that you could then accomplish them. Does that make sense? I want to encourage you to really pay attention to what your self image is.

Take some time. Write a whole lot of things … Write as many things as you can down to what is my self-image, but who do I want to become?

Who do I really want to be like and take some time identifying who is like that that you might be able to emulate and then visualize yourself.


self image


Those are the three steps.


Identify who has it and then visualize yourself being like that that you wanted. You can change your personality. You can change your whole demeanor depending on doing that every day, imagining every chance you get. If you want to be a speaker on a stage, every chance you get you imagine yourself just, “I’m there. I’m changing people’s lives.” Can you tell that’s mine?

If you want to be an author, imagine signing books like one of your most revered author friends or people that you know or admire. If you want to be an actor or an actress, imagine yourself a comedian, imagine yourself being like Jim Carrey. Whatever it is, whoever it is, take the time and start imagining yourself being in that position, having those traits and soon you will find that you have adopted the same things that they have that you want.

That my friends is creating your self image to be able to accomplish and do anything that you want according to what you’re thinking about. Thank you for reading my blog today and If you know anyone that might be able to use a message on self image or if you just want to share this post I totally appreciate it.

You are awesome. You are amazing. You are beautiful. I know that, and I want you to know that about you too!

To YOUR Success,


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[VIDEO] Shooting For Your Dreams

Shooting for your dreams!


How do you know when it’s okay to shoot for your dream?  I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to talk to you about shooting for your dreams and when is it okay to say, “Screw it. I’m just going to go for it.”

Well, I want to tell you that every time in your life that you have come across something that was a little hard, there are two things that you can do.

You can either push through it, or you can take a step back into comfort and safety. Most people, the majority of people actually, do step back into the safety zone because they’re just not exactly sure if they can get through the hard stuff and accomplish their dream.

They don’t know how, and not being able to know, or not knowing and not having faith that the ‘how’ will somehow present itself, usually prevents people from taking that step into their dream life. Isn’t that sad?

Many people will actually go to their grave wondering about what would it have been like if they would have just taken the chance and made a decision and said YES I’m going to start shooting for my dreams.

Watch the following video where I discuss how you can start shooting for your dreams!




Shooting For Your Dreams By Letting Go Of The Past


I wanted to share this message with you today,  because if we take our mind back to childhood, every time that you encountered something that you needed to do, that kind of was scary we would often back out.

I’ll give you an example: For me, one time when I was, I don’t know, about nine or 10, something like that, I was in a school musical and I had a solo. I guess the teacher thought I was good enough to have a solo act, but somewhere along the way, I got way too shy. If you know my story, you know that I grew up extremely shy, and I still am shy, believe it or not.

But I was so shy and so afraid that on the night of the performance, I chickened out. I let the terror barrier get to me, and I allowed my fear to fully overtake what I knew I wanted to do. But I was just so afraid of standing up in front of everybody, I got in my head that they were going to laugh at me, or I was going to mess up on the keys.

Somewhere in there, I got it in my head that I wasn’t good enough to do that solo act.

You know, when I look at my children and my grandchildren now and I just think, “Oh, my gosh. I don’t ever want them to feel that way.” I just don’t. I don’t want any of my friends or family, I don’t want anybody to feel that way. But it’s so normal, it’s so normal, and I felt so bad about that act because I felt guilty for so long after that because I knew. I knew that I shouldn’t have let people down.

It was terrible, but I allowed my fear to push me back into not taking a chance of doing a solo act.


shooting for your dreams


A few years later, I had a chance to do something kind of similar in my mind where I know now that I was approaching the terror barrier. I didn’t know then, but I know that, and it was, believe it or not, diving off a 20-foot diving board. In my mind, because I had reconciled with my guilt over not performing in the solo act, I was, like, “You know what? I’m not going to back down because I know how bad I felt when I did back down, so I’m going to barrel through, and I’m just going to do it,” and I did it. I did it.

I dove off. It wasn’t very pretty, but I did it. A lot of people were walking up to the diving board because it was … 20 feet is pretty darn high, and it was very high. Very, very high. We were actually in an Olympic pool, and so, maybe it was even higher than that. I don’t know measurements too well.

But, anyway, so I did it, and so many people were going up, and I felt so good. I also felt like, you know what, I kind of felt better about leaving my classmates in a rut, or in a bind, because I didn’t do what I said I was going to do. I think that kind of shaped my life, too, because I think that I realized that when I have the chance to do something good and to do that solo act and just, you know, she chose me out of everybody.

When I didn’t do it, I think it kind of formed me into realizing that that’s not the kind of person that I want to be.

But, anyway, what does that have to do with shooting for your dreams?

Well it has everything to do with dreams because a lot of times, when we’re faced with a decision or a new life circumstance, or anything like that, a terror can grip us and kind of say, “You know what? I don’t know if I can push through this. I don’t know how to push through this. I have no idea how to get past this, and I don’t know if I want whatever dream it is,” whether it’s running a marathon or owning your own company, whatever your dream is.

But being able to say to yourself and understand that, you know what? You’ve got what it takes. Whatever it is, you do have what it takes to push through your own fear, and get to the other side. Imagine the freedom that exists in your mind and in your body, every part of you. When you push through it.

When you get to the other side, though, you have complete freedom and that, my friend will allow you then, to go on and do other things. So I want to encourage you it doesn’t matter what your dream is. I just want you to know that you can do it. You can.

You do have the ability to start shooting for your dreams!

If you have fear, that’s normal. If you have angst about it, it’s normal. But when you decide that you’re going to do it, whatever it is, you will. So whatever your dream is, just know you can accomplish anything you want to. Know that. I know that about you.

Again, I want you to please start shooting for your dreams because if you don’t, you’ll get to the end of your life and you’ll say, “What if I had?” And trust me, you don’t want to be there. You don’t want to say that so just remember….

You are awesome. You are amazing. You are beautiful. I know that, and I want you to know that about you too!

To YOUR Success,


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[VIDEO] Children’s Mindset Training

Children’s Mindset Training – Day 19


Hello everyone, well I have much to share with you today because it’s day 19 of the children’s mindset training.

It’s Friday as I’m writing this, but in this house we do not stop unless we have to, especially for the children’s mindset training because it’s an everyday thing.

We are talking to my grandchildren who I’ve had custody of them since … Wow, two and three. They were two and three, and now they are eight and nine so it’s been a while now and recently I’ve been working with them on children’s mindset training. This is completely unrehearsed what we’re going to talk about today because I didn’t want them to say anything in particular, I want it to come completely from them and what they have learned.

So tune in to the following video to hear how much the kids have learned throughout this children’s mindset training.




Children’s Mindset Training Came From Thinking Into Results!


I have been exposed to a program about mindset training and it’s called ‘Thinking into Results’ by Bob Proctor. Somewhere along the way, I realized that this is actually the kind of stuff that should be taught in schools and could be taught to children too. I wish that they were taught in schools but unfortunately they are not but in saying that I have seen some mindfulness taught.

I started having some issues with the children and I’m going to let them talk a little bit about it more, but I realized that maybe I was learning about the mindset and how to shift things, how your mind actually works, that maybe it would be good for the kids to get involved in this so I started my own children’s mindset training.

children's mindset trainingWe started it and at the very beginning I don’t think they were very thrilled about it, but I will say now that it’s a little different, as a matter of fact I’m going to invite them up here to join me and then maybe we can have some conversations with them because I want them to just answer what they’re going through.

I did ask them to speak them clearly that’s about the only thing that I asked them to do. We’re just going to see what they have to say. First of we’ll have Amerin. (remember this is unrehearsed)




Dianna: Come on this right here. Look, there’s the camera, okay? How old are you?

Amerin: Eight.

Dianna: You’re eight. You’re a cutie huh.

Amerin: I don’t know.

Dianna: Okay so look, let me ask you a question. What was your behavior like before we started the training? The children’s mindset training. Speak clearly ok?

Amerin: I didn’t want to finish my work.

Dianna: Say that again.

Amerin: I didn’t want to finish my work.

Dianna: That’s the camera, so you need to speak so that they hear you right. Okay?

Amerin: I didn’t want to finish my work.

Dianna: You didn’t want to finish your work, why didn’t you want to finish to work?

Amerin: Because it’s boring.

Dianna: It’s boring for you?

Amerin: Yes.

Dianna: You’re quite brilliant aren’t you?

Amerin: Yes.

Dianna: Yes, and so he was getting over it. What was happening at school? Was I getting phone calls?

Amerin: Yes.

Dianna: And emails?

Amerin: Yes.

Dianna: And who was calling me besides your teacher?

Amerin: Principal.

Dianna: The Principal. Alright, so what was the first thing that we did when started our training?

Amerin: Starting writing.

Dianna: We started writing, okay.

Amerin: A want list.

Dianna: Okay. We wrote a want list, but what did we listen to first? Do you remember?

Amerin: I forgot the name of the guy.

Dianna: El.

Amerin: Ellen …

Amerin: Ellen Nightingale.

Dianna: Ellen Nightingale. Now, is an old recording right?

Amerin: Yes.

Dianna: A long time ago. Stop playing with your eyes and pay attention. Amerin, you wrote like two pages worth of wants yes? And then when you wrote your want list, what did Ellen Nightingale teach us in his recording about the difference between successful people or people who accomplish all their goals? Let me ask you this, how many people in the world … Out of a 100 people how many people actually know what they want in life? Out of a 100 people.

Amerin: Five.

Dianna: Five. That was kind of an eye opener wasn’t it? Because it was kind of like “Oh, my Gosh, only five people out of a 100 really can articulate what they want.” You’re distracting the viewers.

Amerin: Oh okay.

Dianna: Let’s just stay on topic okay? Alright, what we did was we did the want list, and then from the want list he chose one goal, then from there he chose an affirmation. Tell me when do you repeat the affirmation.

Amerin: The affirmation?

Dianna: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Amerin: Day, night and morning.

Dianna: Day, night and morning. When else? What is your affirmation, do you mind telling people?

Amerin: Many.

Dianna: The one about what you say in school.

Amerin: I will be happy and grateful now that I listen.

Dianna: Okay, so his affirmation is I’m so happy and grateful now that I listen. Now, what has that done for you?

Amerin: A lot of things.

Dianna: Yeah, tell us.

Amerin: I get….

Dianna: Please speak clearly

Amerin: I’m better in school.

Dianna: You’re better in school?

Amerin: Yeah I can listen more and I can …

Dianna: I didn’t understand that. That’s not clear

Amerin: I listen more.

Dianna: You listen more. Okay, why do you think that is Amerin?

Amerin: I am happy and grateful now that I listen.

Dianna: Since you’ve been saying your affirmation. What do you think is happening in your brain?

Amerin: It’s planted, the seed is planting.

Dianna: The seed is planted?

Amerin: Yes.

Dianna: What happens when you plan a seed in your brain?

Amerin: It grows.

Dianna: It grows? So that allows you to be thinking about you’re happy and grateful now that you listen. Is that how that works?

Amerin: Yes.

Dianna: Do you think that’s affected your behavior?

Amerin: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Dianna: Yeah, I would agree. I’ve not gotten any phone calls. No notes, nothing for two weeks. At the point when we started this, I was getting phone calls not only from the teacher and the principal, but I was getting phone calls from the lunch lady. From the lunch lady, because he was just doing things he shouldn’t have. Congratulations. Do you want to tell people what your goal is or you want to just stick with your affirmation?

Amerin: Goal.

Dianna: You want to tell people what your goal is? Go ahead.

Amerin: My goal is to earn a computer.

Dianna: Earn a computer. Okay. Now, this is a different little subject here right, so tell me, now that your goal is to earn your computer, what have you noticed about your mindset when we’re talking about things now? What are we planning in the next couple of weeks. Spinners?

Amerin: Fidget Spinners.

Dianna: Please you speak clearly

Amerin: We are going to sell fidget spinners.

Dianna: Say that again.

Amerin: We are going to sell fidget spinners.

Dianna: We’re going to sell fidget spinners in order to earn money towards a computer.

Dianna: Because that’s your goal right?

Amerin: Yeah.

Dianna: A rule of life, you never mention anybody unless they say hi because they might not want tell people that they’re watching.

Amerin: Oh, okay.

Dianna: Well thank you so much. Let me ask you point blank. Do you like this mindset training?

Amerin: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Dianna: Why do you like it?

Amerin: I like how you plant the seed so you know what to do.

Dianna: So you know what to do?

Amerin: Yeah.

Dianna: It changes your behavior huh?

Amerin: Yeah.

Dianna: Hi five buddy. Alright good job. Alright Aveya, it’s your time. Come on up here please. This is Aveya and she is … How old are you?

Aveya: Nine.

Dianna: Nine. Okay, so remember she was three when I first got her and he was two, alright, and they were still on diapers.

Dianna: Anyway, so Aveya, we’ve been doing this for how many days now, 19? Alright. I would Like to ask you, what do you think is the biggest thing you’ve learnt so far?

Aveya: To be truthful.

Dianna: To be truthful? Wow. Look at you. I’m so proud of you to be able to say that. That’s awesome. We were having a little bit of trouble with that huh? But we talked about it and then we were able to figure out … what’s the rule about being behind me?

Amerin: I’m not behind you.

Dianna: Is that your affirmation?

Aveya: My affirmation is I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m truthful.

Dianna: Okay so your affirmation is I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m truthful. What has that done in your brain? What do you think that has done in your brain?

Aveya: It’s planted the truth the seed of being truthful?

Dianna: So whenever you encounter a situation now, that you might have been tempted to not tell the truth, what happens now? What happens in your brain?

Aveya: I tell you the truth.

Dianna: You tell the truth. Was it hard at the beginning? Yeah. I’m so proud of you for being honest about this. I’m just so proud of you, because that’s a big deal hunny bunny.

Aveya: That’s a big change.

Dianna: Yeah, it’s a big change. Do you want to share why your affirmation was you’re so happy and grateful that you are truthful? Do you want to share why that was your affirmation? Does it have something to do with your goal?

Aveya: Can I tell them about when I stole when I was three

Dianna: You can talk about this, yeah.

Aveya: I stole when I was three years old at a gas station when they first got us.

Amerin: And?

Dianna: You were working on some things that you just feel like were kind of deep down huh? Do you want to tell them your goal?

Aveya: My goal is I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m trusted.

Dianna: Now that I’m trusted. You see how her goal was to be trusted, because she was seeing some negative impact not being trusted. That didn’t sit well with you. When we started saying to you “I don’t believe you” that really hurt your feelings right? What happened then when you were saying we don’t believe you, you understood that by being truthful was the only way we would not be able to say that, right?

Her goal was to be trusted, so her affirmation fit right into being trusted piece. Go ahead. What we did was … I’m really proud of her for being able to it takes some brave person to be able to say things like that. Okay, look. This is what we have. We have little books and they simply are … They wrote down the want list and then they chose one goal out of that and then every night we sit down and we listen to a 12 minute audio on YouTube of Ellen Nightingale talking about the difference people who succeed and who don’t succeed and how their mindset is what the biggest difference is.

Realizing at this age that they are able to take and really grab a hold of the power of their mind, I feel like that’s an incredible gift. Do you feel like that’s a pretty big gift?

Aveya: Yeah, and when I wasn’t doing this or reading my goal, I lashed out at you.

Dianna: You did lash out at me.

Aveya: Twice.

Dianna: Twice, you did.

Aveya: This week.

Dianna: This week, and the reason is because?

Aveya: I wasn’t reading my goal card or doing my words day and night.

Dianna: Yeah, so what we learn from that is that the repetition. See, there’s only two ways to change behavior. A significant emotional event or repetitious behavior and so that’s why every night we write. Every night we listen to the study and we study what we’re learning and then we look at our goal card, we read our affirmations. Sometimes we write our affirmations and because she wasn’t doing her … She left her goal card at her dad’s house and it basically got her out of the mindset. Would you agree with that?

Aveya: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Dianna: Yeah, so we learned a big lesson with that. We learned a really big lesson with that. I just wanted to give you … Alright guys, come over and say goodbye.

Aveya: Thank you to all the replay viewers

Dianna: Thank you to all the live viewers if you’re here.

Amerin: Bye.

Dianna: If you know of anyone who maybe interested in Children’s Mindset Training, feel free to share this post. Feel free to subscribe to my blog and we’re going to do periodic updates here and see how things go. Let’s see if they make their goals … Because what we’re going to do is we’re going to do one goal at a time. That’s what we’re going to do. Her goal to be trusted was by …

Aveya: June 17th 2017.

Dianna: June 17. Because you have to be specific in your goal right? What we’re going to do is we’re going to keep track of that and we’re going to adjust if necessary but I have a feeling that they wrap themselves around this idea and I’m very proud of them for participating. What do you say when I say to you guys it’s time for training?

Aveya: Yes.

Amerin: All good.

Dianna: For the most part. Alright, so thank you for joining in and we totally appreciate it and …

Amerin: Thank you. Everyone is beautiful and you too are.

Dianna: That was my son now. You are awesome, you’re amazing and you’re beautiful. I know that about you and I want you to know that to.

Aveya: To know that too.

Dianna: They like that.

Amerin: Peace. It’s a good face.

You are awesome. You are amazing. You are beautiful. I know that, and I want you to know that about you too!

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[VIDEO] Hows Your Stinkin Thinkin?

How Does Your Stinkin Thinkin Affect Your Success?


Stinkin Thinkin is today’s topic and it’s funny because I honestly did not realize that I had an issue with money. I didn’t realize the depth of how my stinking thinking, that’s what my dad calls it, how that actually affected my success until recently.

Thanks for coming over to my blog today, I want to share with you some tips that I’ve learned about my mind, about how the mind works and possibly hopefully help you understand that it is your stinkin thinkin that is really what’s preventing you from having major success.

Tune into my video below to learn more…




Can Your Stinkin Thinkin Stop You From Accomplishing Your Goals?


Did you know or do you agree that anyone can accomplish anything they want to be in this life? They can do anything they want. They really can. But somewhere along the way, things happen.

We get tripped up in life or we have to have security so we don’t want to take chances and things happen. We really do. So what I want to talk to you about first is, I’m just going to address how my dad calls it stinkin thinkin.

I’m talking about stinkin thinkin about money because it’s really been amazing, really been a huge eye opener to me. My dad used to call stinkin thinkin any kind of negative thought pattern especially if he heard it, if somebody verbalized something then he would talk to us about getting rid of that stinkin thinkin.

thinkin stinkinNow, I want to tell you about the studying that I’ve been doing under the mentor of Bob Proctor, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him from The Secret, but he has studied the mind and how the subconscious works and the conscious works. It’s really deep stuff. I don’t need to get into that in this post, but I will tell you this that the stinkin thinkin about money really affects our level of success, even when we don’t recognize that it even exists.

So then, how do we address it?

You say. I get that. Because it wasn’t until I really dug deep down and realized that I had everything in me. There’s lots of trainers out here. There’s lots of coaches out everywhere in the world. I’ve realized, I was like, “Why am not having the same of massive success as everybody else?”

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that or been in that situation where you look around you and you go, “I’ve got the same kind of skills. Why is that skillset not allowing me to have the success that other people have?” Some people call that comparititis but I really think it’s actually more of wondering because you do recognize it, because it’s probably true.

So what happened for me and I hope this helps somebody, is that when I started really thinking about why I don’t have the level of success that other people have, and again, success can be anything that you are working on. Whether it’s success of making an apple pie, whether it’s success in buying a car that you want, whether it’s a success in being a course developer, whatever it is, your success to you is what we’re talking about.

But I realized that, oh my gosh, it’s because people in my circle especially growing up and my dad back then was one of them, that there’s such a negative aura or negative connotation with people who have money.

You hear things all the time like, “Oh well, they’re rich. They don’t care about us.” So untrue.

You hear other things like, “Well, only the rich get this.” That’s not true either.

I mean, even the movie Titanic, look at how poorly the rich people were represented. So throughout history almost, the rich have been given a bad rap. So money, it’s so normal. People let it fly off their tongue nowadays. It’s so easy to say. “Well, you’ll only get good healthcare if you’re rich.”

Well, how about you do something to earn enough money to get it? You don’t have to be rich to have good healthcare.

That might piss some people off but the reality is that money is just an energy. Money is energy, that’s all it is. It comes and it goes. It’s like current. If you plug in an electric plug, you get electricity.

Money is the same way. If you do something to earn money, you get paid for it. Very, very simple. Very, very simple.

Once I realized that and realize that combined with that money is just an energy and then realized also that the words that I heard not only from my surroundings growing up but also from movies and how bad rich people were, once I realized all that, then I was able to kind of say, “You know what, money is all it is, is an energy and I should and I do deserve to get paid for the value I put out in the marketplace.”

No matter what value it is, you deserve to be paid for value in the marketplace. If you create a product, you deserve to be paid for that. If you have a skillset that you can teach others, you deserve to be paid for that. There’s just nothing wrong with it. I’m pretty passionate about it now because I have.

My mindset as far as thinking about being deserving and it’s crazy how that works but I just want to encourage you that if you are not making the kind of money that you want to make or if you are thinking that only people who are rude and nasty and make good money, I want you to examine that. I just want you to take some time and examine money and think about the stinkin thinkin.

It’s not just about money. So your success in whatever endeavor, whatever you’re endeavoring to do, your success, I want you to really think about, “What am I doing? Am I doing the right things that I need to or am I allowing negative thoughts to get in the way, that stinkin thinkin to get in the way of my success?”


stinkin thinkin


If you want to bake an apple pie and apples are not in season and you don’t have a car to go to the grocery store, well, those are obstacles and all you have to do is figure out a way around them. No matter what you’re trying to succeed at is my point. You must figure out a way to get through it, okay, that’s it.

Feel free to share this post or even subscribe to get notifications when I go live on Facebook. I talk about all things mindset and I try to help people with their mindset and that’s what we do here at Dianna Goodsky.

So I hoped you are planning to change your stinkin thinkin and start having the success you deserve. Any remember…

You are awesome. You are amazing. You are beautiful. I know that, and I want you to know that about you too!

To YOUR Success,


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[VIDEO] Kids Mindset Training

Kids Mindset Training Update


Hey everyone I just wanted to give a quick update on the kids mindset training. I don’t know if you saw in one of my previous posts but we started mindset training with the children and teaching them how to change their mindset, how to do goal setting, and how to really think about what they’re doing.

I heard somebody say once that if everyone was thinking and had to think before they spoke, people wouldn’t be talking, because they were referring to the notion that not a lot of people think before they speak, and they don’t think before they do things. They don’t actually really, really think. So I wanted to teach the kids how to use their mind, and how to really start thinking, how to engage their mind in order to do some, because I think it’s a really good life skill.

Check out my following video where I talking about how the kids mindset training is going.




Kids Mindset Training has really changed their Attitude and Behaviour


So Avery and Neveah, my two grandchildren that live with me, wrote down their wants and they wrote down their goals.  The update that I wanted to share with you today has a lot to do with what I’m seeing outside of their goals. I’ve been kind of blown away with what I’m seeing in their attitude and their behavior.

Their attitude and behavior, has  been so much more mindful and when something happens for example, we had a meltdown last night, and I tell you, I think the meltdown came from the fact that she has been mindful, so she had some memories that came up, because I took the kids out of foster care and brought them to live with me, and she had a traumatic memory last night, and so she had some moments. It was a tough hour.

But at the end of it all, she started journaling what she was thinking and feeling, and I believe that she really was able to wrap her head around some things, and again, it’s all about this mindfulness which you can certainly add in to your kids mindset training.

She was able to wrap her head around some things and just understand, and understanding is the key to freedom. So hopefully what that means is that as she proceeds in life and she moves forward, she can realize that, ‘because I’ve been trying to teach her that what happened to you does not necessarily mean, it doesn’t have to drive your whole future, right?

I really felt compelled to share this today because the difference in their attitude and their behavior, has been remarkable.


kids mindset training


Kids Mindset Training is a Gift Worth Giving


So think about this, think about teaching your kids mindfulness and mindset training. Think about goal setting. Think about teaching them that they can accomplish anything that they want in their life, no matter how old they are.

What a beautiful gift that is.

  • Were you taught that when you were younger?
  • Were you taught that?
  • Your parents said all the time, you can be anything you want, but did they hold through to that promise by supporting you 100%?

I felt it was really important to show you that these kids are doing great. We are going to continue on with this and we are making some decisions. We’re making some progress.

I’m seeing some outer effects besides just the goals that have been a beautiful progress, and I’m thinking about having them do their own kids mindset challenge, because I’m thinking that with the results that I’m seeing, that they could help other kids become their best self and teach them how to stay in that practice for their lifetime. What a beautiful gift that would be.

So let me know if you’re interested in doing the same type of thing with your children or grandchildren, because I’m thinking other kids might like it too.  I’m thinking other parents might like to have that. So just kind of rolling around in that thought.

Check out some of the other articles and videos on my blog if you want more information, I do a lot of mindset training. I love the mind. The mind is the most amazing thing that we have, and I want to make sure that I help people get into their best mind!

So I hope you enjoyed this update on the kids mindset training and remember…

You are awesome. You are amazing. You are beautiful. I know that, and I want you to know that about you too!

To YOUR Success,


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