[VIDEO] Attitude of Gratitude – 4 Step System

Gratitude is the Best Way to Start Your Day

I just wanted to share with you something that has been really working for me for about 90 days I think I’ve been doing it. It’s a proven fact that when you create new habits, then those habits become ingrained. They change your paradigm. They change what you’re doing and they, therefore, change your results.

This four step system that I wanted to share with you today is something that I find incredibly powerful, and it doesn’t matter what you’re working on or even your burning desire, It really is overall successful in your day and that method is called the GAME ON method. You might have seen a couple of posts about it and I really enjoyed doing it.

Watch the following video where I really explain why having an attitude of gratitude is the best way to start off your day…




Get Your Game On – G is for Gratitude!




The four step system is this: GAME ON. I named it that for a purpose and it starts with the G for game and G, that’s with gratitude. You start your day with gratitude. If you want to keep this routine in a certain time frame, set your timer. But what I’d like to suggest that you do at the beginning is just get used to the process because any new habit, any new thing that you create … Again, this is all to create such a foundation for an amazing day and it works so well. Gratitude is G. You spend a few minutes expressing gratitude.

I have a gratitude journal and I bought a five year journal. Why?

Because I want to see in one place the progress or the changes that have occurred with my gratitude entries but you don’t have to have a five year journal. Just grab anything where you can write it down and express gratitude. If you don’t want to write, that’s fine but I recommend writing. Just write down things that you’re grateful for and they can be anything.

Some days it’s my cat and my dog. Some days it’s the fact that I was able to make a trip safely. It really just depends. Just spend time in sitting in gratitude because gratitude really puts you in a feel good place, and it also makes you just feel like … Well, it just brings more good things to you, whatever you’re grateful for so express gratitude. It doesn’t have to be long. Again, two or three minutes and then that’s for the G.




The next part of GAME ON is A and that is affirmations. Now, there’s talk from a lot of people. A lot of gurus will tell you that affirmations work. A lot of people tell you that … A lot of gurus will tell you that affirmations are crap and this is what I know. The affirmations will work for you when you couple it with a feeling, when you couple it with the emotion about whatever it is you’re affirming. These affirmations, if you like some tips on them, just let me know. I can help you with that. I’m so happy and grateful now that … Make sure you put “now that.” Lead it with “now that.”

Even though you know right now it might sound silly like I’m so happy and grateful now that I have a $5,000 a month. I have a $10,000 income month. Whatever it is that you want to work on, then just write that down.

If you want to work a little bit on the affirmations ahead of time … Do they change? Absolutely.

Absolutely. But, what happens is it gets your mind in the place of being able to recognize that the thing that you’re working on you will then be exposed and be more open to seeing the opportunity to accomplish whatever that is. They can be anything. I’m so happy and grateful now that I have a beautiful home. I’m so happy and grateful now that I have a home on the water. I’m so happy and grateful now that I have an extra $2,000 a month to spend, to do nothing with, whatever it is that you want.

Spend some time creating these affirmations. If you want tips on that, let me know. I’ve definitely some great connections. I spend some time writing and rewriting affirmations. You do not have to write them. Again, the only reason that I write gratitude and affirmations is because I know it’s proven when you write things down, it actually has a better chance of getting up here and staying up here.




Gratitude, affirmations. The next step is meditation. Some call it prayer. Whatever you want, just spend sometime. I use an app called Omvana. My current favorite meditation is 20 minutes and it is Bob Proctor’s Abundance Meditation. I love it. I’m pretty sure it’s free. You can probably find it on YouTube as well but it’s Bob Proctor’s Abundance Meditation. I love that. In that Omvana app which is free and there are a lot of free meditations in there, oh, my gosh, go ahead and just look through what you want to work on. On mornings when I have just a little bit of time, I use the three minute meditation. I can’t remember the lady’s name but it’s just three minutes.

The whole point is take that time and just relax and just be.

I used to laugh at people and say, “What the heck does just be mean? I don’t know what that means.” And, just be still. I still honestly don’t know what that means because my mind is always on. What I find is that through guided meditations, that’s how I start, I eventually hope to move up to quiet meditations because I really do want to know what that’s like, but I find that guided meditations really allow me to sit still and to focus on what they say.

That’s why it’s really important to find something that you like. Go through the Omvana app and take a look at that if you want to do it on your phone. If you want to do it on a computer, I’m sure there’s something on YouTube that you can find. Again, search for something that appeals to you, whatever it is that you want to work on.




Then the last part of the GAME ON morning is exercise. Now, not everybody has time for an hour in the gym or wants to take the time. This exercise in the morning just do something at least. Find even five minutes, 10 minutes is better, but find something that you can do for just 10 minutes in the morning. That’s all I’m asking you to do. I don’t know the science behind it and I don’t know all the exercise words because I’m not an exercise girl, I’m not, but I’m working on that and I understand the importance of it. It’s definitely in the morning.

What I found is that I’ll do just 20 or 30 squats. I’ll do some planks. I’ll do some jumping jacks. One of my friends posted this ab challenge. Man, that was tougher than I thought. Just find something that you can do for 10 minutes. If you need a slow start, do five minutes. Jog in place or not even jog in place. Lift your knees and do lifts to get your blood flowing because it’s that piece of it that’s important.

gratitudeJust to recap, spend this time every morning. If you only have 15 minutes in the morning, do three minutes worth of gratitude, three minutes worth of affirmations, 5 minutes worth of mediation, 5 minutes worth of exercise and I think that added up to … What did I just say? 16. My point is you can do it.

When you start your day like this, you will be amazed at the difference in your day. Your productivity will flourish. Your mental capacity will be … You’ll just be more prepared to be able to do different things and you have a better attitude of gratitude!

GAME ON. Get your GAME ON. That’s what that’s all about. I just want to share this method that I use and If you want any more tips on this please leave a comment below. If you know anyone that might want to start off their day with gratitude then please share this post.

and remember….

You are awesome. You are amazing. You are beautiful. I know that, and I want you to know that about you too!

To YOUR Success,


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[VIDEO] Great Daily Routine For Business

Are You in a Daily Routine for your Business?

As an Entrepreneur, one of the best ways to reach your goals (whatever they may be) is to have a great daily routine.

But, there’s so much to do, how can you manage to get everything done that you need to get done?

Listen in as I discuss tips to help you with a daily routine by watching the video below.



Was that helpful? Did it make you think more about your daily routine?

What was your favorite Tip? I’d love to know.


Check  Out My Daily Routine


As a bonus today, I’m going to list for you, my daily routine that has helped me tremendously not only get everything done but helps me focus on the activities that I NEED for success. I hope it does the same for you.

  1. Positive Affirmations. These may be something like: I am happy and grateful for the abundance that surrounds me. For more tips, feel free to look at this: http://www.diannagoodsky.com/affirmations/
  2. Exercise. Studies show that exercise has many benefits and certainly, it can help you in your work day. For more information on this: http://www.diannagoodsky.com/Exercise
  3. Personal Development. This could be a book, a podcast, or maybe a course on mindset. Basically anything that feeds your brain. It is a reality that what you put inside your head, drives who you become. That is powerful and should be remembered, ALL THE TIME.
  4. Review your goals. A quick scan of your long term goals will do wonders for reminding you what you are doing this for and will result in you taking the action towards those goals. Reviewing the Day’s goals will set you up for success y knowing that you can do it. I recommend you do this nightly as well, look over the next day’s goals.
  5. Get to the Tasks on hand for the day. Celebrate each win!
  6. Schedule time for family and friends. Block this time out first.
  7. If using Digital Media to promote yourself or your business, consider having a set time, daily to accomplish these goals. Consider a Blog, Periscope (Grab my free guide top right of page), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Are you new to this part? then pick one and learn, then master that one, before adding the next one. I’ve mastered Facebook and Periscope and am now adding Blab (live stream is the hot ticket)to my online efforts.

At the end of the day, regardless of what may have gotten in the way of your daily routine, what matters most is that you have one and eventually, you will be better able to get it done AND compress the amount of time it takes to get it done.


To YOUR Success,


P.S. Let me know what YOUR favorite scheduler or planner is, I’d love to know.

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