Children’s Mindset Training – Day 19


Hello everyone, well I have much to share with you today because it’s day 19 of the children’s mindset training.

It’s Friday as I’m writing this, but in this house we do not stop unless we have to, especially for the children’s mindset training because it’s an everyday thing.

We are talking to my grandchildren who I’ve had custody of them since … Wow, two and three. They were two and three, and now they are eight and nine so it’s been a while now and recently I’ve been working with them on children’s mindset training. This is completely unrehearsed what we’re going to talk about today because I didn’t want them to say anything in particular, I want it to come completely from them and what they have learned.

So tune in to the following video to hear how much the kids have learned throughout this children’s mindset training.




Children’s Mindset Training Came From Thinking Into Results!


I have been exposed to a program about mindset training and it’s called ‘Thinking into Results’ by Bob Proctor. Somewhere along the way, I realized that this is actually the kind of stuff that should be taught in schools and could be taught to children too. I wish that they were taught in schools but unfortunately they are not but in saying that I have seen some mindfulness taught.

I started having some issues with the children and I’m going to let them talk a little bit about it more, but I realized that maybe I was learning about the mindset and how to shift things, how your mind actually works, that maybe it would be good for the kids to get involved in this so I started my own children’s mindset training.

children's mindset trainingWe started it and at the very beginning I don’t think they were very thrilled about it, but I will say now that it’s a little different, as a matter of fact I’m going to invite them up here to join me and then maybe we can have some conversations with them because I want them to just answer what they’re going through.

I did ask them to speak them clearly that’s about the only thing that I asked them to do. We’re just going to see what they have to say. First of we’ll have Amerin. (remember this is unrehearsed)




Dianna: Come on this right here. Look, there’s the camera, okay? How old are you?

Amerin: Eight.

Dianna: You’re eight. You’re a cutie huh.

Amerin: I don’t know.

Dianna: Okay so look, let me ask you a question. What was your behavior like before we started the training? The children’s mindset training. Speak clearly ok?

Amerin: I didn’t want to finish my work.

Dianna: Say that again.

Amerin: I didn’t want to finish my work.

Dianna: That’s the camera, so you need to speak so that they hear you right. Okay?

Amerin: I didn’t want to finish my work.

Dianna: You didn’t want to finish your work, why didn’t you want to finish to work?

Amerin: Because it’s boring.

Dianna: It’s boring for you?

Amerin: Yes.

Dianna: You’re quite brilliant aren’t you?

Amerin: Yes.

Dianna: Yes, and so he was getting over it. What was happening at school? Was I getting phone calls?

Amerin: Yes.

Dianna: And emails?

Amerin: Yes.

Dianna: And who was calling me besides your teacher?

Amerin: Principal.

Dianna: The Principal. Alright, so what was the first thing that we did when started our training?

Amerin: Starting writing.

Dianna: We started writing, okay.

Amerin: A want list.

Dianna: Okay. We wrote a want list, but what did we listen to first? Do you remember?

Amerin: I forgot the name of the guy.

Dianna: El.

Amerin: Ellen …

Amerin: Ellen Nightingale.

Dianna: Ellen Nightingale. Now, is an old recording right?

Amerin: Yes.

Dianna: A long time ago. Stop playing with your eyes and pay attention. Amerin, you wrote like two pages worth of wants yes? And then when you wrote your want list, what did Ellen Nightingale teach us in his recording about the difference between successful people or people who accomplish all their goals? Let me ask you this, how many people in the world … Out of a 100 people how many people actually know what they want in life? Out of a 100 people.

Amerin: Five.

Dianna: Five. That was kind of an eye opener wasn’t it? Because it was kind of like “Oh, my Gosh, only five people out of a 100 really can articulate what they want.” You’re distracting the viewers.

Amerin: Oh okay.

Dianna: Let’s just stay on topic okay? Alright, what we did was we did the want list, and then from the want list he chose one goal, then from there he chose an affirmation. Tell me when do you repeat the affirmation.

Amerin: The affirmation?

Dianna: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Amerin: Day, night and morning.

Dianna: Day, night and morning. When else? What is your affirmation, do you mind telling people?

Amerin: Many.

Dianna: The one about what you say in school.

Amerin: I will be happy and grateful now that I listen.

Dianna: Okay, so his affirmation is I’m so happy and grateful now that I listen. Now, what has that done for you?

Amerin: A lot of things.

Dianna: Yeah, tell us.

Amerin: I get….

Dianna: Please speak clearly

Amerin: I’m better in school.

Dianna: You’re better in school?

Amerin: Yeah I can listen more and I can …

Dianna: I didn’t understand that. That’s not clear

Amerin: I listen more.

Dianna: You listen more. Okay, why do you think that is Amerin?

Amerin: I am happy and grateful now that I listen.

Dianna: Since you’ve been saying your affirmation. What do you think is happening in your brain?

Amerin: It’s planted, the seed is planting.

Dianna: The seed is planted?

Amerin: Yes.

Dianna: What happens when you plan a seed in your brain?

Amerin: It grows.

Dianna: It grows? So that allows you to be thinking about you’re happy and grateful now that you listen. Is that how that works?

Amerin: Yes.

Dianna: Do you think that’s affected your behavior?

Amerin: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Dianna: Yeah, I would agree. I’ve not gotten any phone calls. No notes, nothing for two weeks. At the point when we started this, I was getting phone calls not only from the teacher and the principal, but I was getting phone calls from the lunch lady. From the lunch lady, because he was just doing things he shouldn’t have. Congratulations. Do you want to tell people what your goal is or you want to just stick with your affirmation?

Amerin: Goal.

Dianna: You want to tell people what your goal is? Go ahead.

Amerin: My goal is to earn a computer.

Dianna: Earn a computer. Okay. Now, this is a different little subject here right, so tell me, now that your goal is to earn your computer, what have you noticed about your mindset when we’re talking about things now? What are we planning in the next couple of weeks. Spinners?

Amerin: Fidget Spinners.

Dianna: Please you speak clearly

Amerin: We are going to sell fidget spinners.

Dianna: Say that again.

Amerin: We are going to sell fidget spinners.

Dianna: We’re going to sell fidget spinners in order to earn money towards a computer.

Dianna: Because that’s your goal right?

Amerin: Yeah.

Dianna: A rule of life, you never mention anybody unless they say hi because they might not want tell people that they’re watching.

Amerin: Oh, okay.

Dianna: Well thank you so much. Let me ask you point blank. Do you like this mindset training?

Amerin: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Dianna: Why do you like it?

Amerin: I like how you plant the seed so you know what to do.

Dianna: So you know what to do?

Amerin: Yeah.

Dianna: It changes your behavior huh?

Amerin: Yeah.

Dianna: Hi five buddy. Alright good job. Alright Aveya, it’s your time. Come on up here please. This is Aveya and she is … How old are you?

Aveya: Nine.

Dianna: Nine. Okay, so remember she was three when I first got her and he was two, alright, and they were still on diapers.

Dianna: Anyway, so Aveya, we’ve been doing this for how many days now, 19? Alright. I would Like to ask you, what do you think is the biggest thing you’ve learnt so far?

Aveya: To be truthful.

Dianna: To be truthful? Wow. Look at you. I’m so proud of you to be able to say that. That’s awesome. We were having a little bit of trouble with that huh? But we talked about it and then we were able to figure out … what’s the rule about being behind me?

Amerin: I’m not behind you.

Dianna: Is that your affirmation?

Aveya: My affirmation is I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m truthful.

Dianna: Okay so your affirmation is I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m truthful. What has that done in your brain? What do you think that has done in your brain?

Aveya: It’s planted the truth the seed of being truthful?

Dianna: So whenever you encounter a situation now, that you might have been tempted to not tell the truth, what happens now? What happens in your brain?

Aveya: I tell you the truth.

Dianna: You tell the truth. Was it hard at the beginning? Yeah. I’m so proud of you for being honest about this. I’m just so proud of you, because that’s a big deal hunny bunny.

Aveya: That’s a big change.

Dianna: Yeah, it’s a big change. Do you want to share why your affirmation was you’re so happy and grateful that you are truthful? Do you want to share why that was your affirmation? Does it have something to do with your goal?

Aveya: Can I tell them about when I stole when I was three

Dianna: You can talk about this, yeah.

Aveya: I stole when I was three years old at a gas station when they first got us.

Amerin: And?

Dianna: You were working on some things that you just feel like were kind of deep down huh? Do you want to tell them your goal?

Aveya: My goal is I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m trusted.

Dianna: Now that I’m trusted. You see how her goal was to be trusted, because she was seeing some negative impact not being trusted. That didn’t sit well with you. When we started saying to you “I don’t believe you” that really hurt your feelings right? What happened then when you were saying we don’t believe you, you understood that by being truthful was the only way we would not be able to say that, right?

Her goal was to be trusted, so her affirmation fit right into being trusted piece. Go ahead. What we did was … I’m really proud of her for being able to it takes some brave person to be able to say things like that. Okay, look. This is what we have. We have little books and they simply are … They wrote down the want list and then they chose one goal out of that and then every night we sit down and we listen to a 12 minute audio on YouTube of Ellen Nightingale talking about the difference people who succeed and who don’t succeed and how their mindset is what the biggest difference is.

Realizing at this age that they are able to take and really grab a hold of the power of their mind, I feel like that’s an incredible gift. Do you feel like that’s a pretty big gift?

Aveya: Yeah, and when I wasn’t doing this or reading my goal, I lashed out at you.

Dianna: You did lash out at me.

Aveya: Twice.

Dianna: Twice, you did.

Aveya: This week.

Dianna: This week, and the reason is because?

Aveya: I wasn’t reading my goal card or doing my words day and night.

Dianna: Yeah, so what we learn from that is that the repetition. See, there’s only two ways to change behavior. A significant emotional event or repetitious behavior and so that’s why every night we write. Every night we listen to the study and we study what we’re learning and then we look at our goal card, we read our affirmations. Sometimes we write our affirmations and because she wasn’t doing her … She left her goal card at her dad’s house and it basically got her out of the mindset. Would you agree with that?

Aveya: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Dianna: Yeah, so we learned a big lesson with that. We learned a really big lesson with that. I just wanted to give you … Alright guys, come over and say goodbye.

Aveya: Thank you to all the replay viewers

Dianna: Thank you to all the live viewers if you’re here.

Amerin: Bye.

Dianna: If you know of anyone who maybe interested in Children’s Mindset Training, feel free to share this post. Feel free to subscribe to my blog and we’re going to do periodic updates here and see how things go. Let’s see if they make their goals … Because what we’re going to do is we’re going to do one goal at a time. That’s what we’re going to do. Her goal to be trusted was by …

Aveya: June 17th 2017.

Dianna: June 17. Because you have to be specific in your goal right? What we’re going to do is we’re going to keep track of that and we’re going to adjust if necessary but I have a feeling that they wrap themselves around this idea and I’m very proud of them for participating. What do you say when I say to you guys it’s time for training?

Aveya: Yes.

Amerin: All good.

Dianna: For the most part. Alright, so thank you for joining in and we totally appreciate it and …

Amerin: Thank you. Everyone is beautiful and you too are.

Dianna: That was my son now. You are awesome, you’re amazing and you’re beautiful. I know that about you and I want you to know that to.

Aveya: To know that too.

Dianna: They like that.

Amerin: Peace. It’s a good face.

You are awesome. You are amazing. You are beautiful. I know that, and I want you to know that about you too!

To YOUR Success,




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